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Australia is pushing towards renewable energy. Now, millions of Australians are trying understand this completely new space, but we don’t have the right resources. Add to that the pace at which information evolves in solar energy.

That’s why we built SolarPilot— to be a place for you to stay well-informed and connected. We also help you get in touch with highly-recommended solar professionals so you’re guided all the way.

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Solar Panel Guides

  • 10 Solar Panel Installers in Melbourne

    10 Solar Panel Installers in Melbourne

    If you’re from Melbourne looking for contractors or solar panel installers with zero clue where to start, let this blog serve as your first step. We understand the struggle of going back and forth when searching for a decent builder—we see you. Here, we’ve compiled 10 Melbourne-based installers for your…

  • 10 Solar Panel Installers In Sydney (NSW)

    10 Solar Panel Installers In Sydney (NSW)

    Let’s give your search for an installer a good sense of direction.  If you’re from Sydney (NSW) and you’re wondering where to look for options, you should check out these 10 solar installers in your area. Read on. 1. Global Solar World They call themselves a one-stop shop for all…

  • Is a Lithium Battery for Solar a Good Idea?

    Is a Lithium Battery for Solar a Good Idea?

    As the demand for sustainable energy solutions grows, solar power emerges as a promising avenue, offering clean and renewable electricity. However, to address the intermittent nature of solar energy, effective storage solutions are essential. When considering solar batteries, it’s crucial to understand that each type comes with its own distinct…

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