10 Solar Panel Installers In Melbourne

10 Solar Panel Installers in Melbourne

If you’re from Melbourne looking for contractors or solar panel installers with zero clue where to start, let this blog serve as your first step. We understand the struggle of going back and forth when searching for a decent builder—we see you.

Here, we’ve compiled 10 Melbourne-based installers for your convenience and reference for your transition to solar. Read on.

1. Total Solar Solutions

Total Solar Solutions

When you work with Total Solar, there’s no need to look for different manufacturers and installers and go back and forth. TSS is a streamlined and fully centralized PV installer with all departments an installation may require under the same roof. 

Total Solar was awarded “The Most Quality LG Focused” in Australia in 2018 and remained a CEC Approved Retailer for 6 years and counting.

  • Top-notch customer service and after-sale care
  • All installations are guaranteed high quality (with invisible cables)
  • Aesthetically-pleasing output everytime
  • Top-of-the-line solar system components from brands like Tesla and SolarEdge to achieve top-performance solar PV setups

Website: totalsolarsolutions.com.au

2. Green Line Solar

Green Line Solar

They’re a small solar installation company based in central Melbourne with 5 years of business operation. They have an impressive portfolio and track record of PV system builds with a constantly growing number of happy customers. Green Line Solar’s mission is to offer fair and competitive pricing to their customers without compromise and keep on building solar systems that fit specific needs.

  • Great attention to detail
  • 5-Star customer service and after-sales care
  • Hands-on consultation and installation by the owners (Jake and Toby)
  • 10-year workmanship warranty
  • Fair and competitive pricing (Value for money installer)

Website: greenlinesolar.com.au

3. Solar Pro Bendigo

Solar Pro Bendigo

Recognized as one of Australia’s top 10 solar installers, and receiving consistent 5-star Google Reviews, Solar Pro Bendigo is a family-owned and operated solar company based in—you guessed it—Bendigo and operating for over a decade now. 

Although situated in Bendigo, Solar Pro offers installation services in central Victoria and suburbs up north. Most notable for their rural high-standard installation of both off-grid and hybrid solars that use blue chip products, to guarantee top-performance and world-class quality.

  • Self-trained electricians with in-house engineers constantly monitoring the installation should you avail their services
  • High-standard installs with great attention to detail
  • Great customer service and after-sale care
  • Blue chip components for top output performance

Website: solarprobendigo.com.au

4. RACV Solar

Formerly known as Gippsland Solar, RACV Solar is a big and reputable company founded by the McCathys in their home. At present, RACV Solar is one of Australia’s biggest solar companies with a team of self-trained electricians to produce the best “done for you” solar PV systems that are guaranteed top performance and pleasing to the eye.

As you know, RACV solar systems are one of the most recognizable solar builds in the country and reputable for their elite systems for big establishments like schools, hotels, factories, and other commercial buildings, rocking top-shelf products like Fronius inverters and Tesla Powerwalls.

  • High-standard builds
  • World-class quality solar systems with great attention to detail
  • Great customer service and after-sale care
  • Access to cutting-edge tech components for top output performance
  • Recognizable builds

Website: www.racv.com.au

5. Sky Energy

Also one of Victoria’s leading companies for off-grid and hybrid installations, Sky Energy by Sam and Ross has been an award-winning (LG Chem Resu Top Installer Award) solar PV company in the last 5 years (Melbourne area). They’re one of the go-to installers for the locals for their Sky Boxes (brand signature off-grid solution) and attention-to-detail builds.

All builds by Sky Energy use top-quality components and manpower to guarantee the performance of their solars.

  • High-standard builds
  • Great attention to detail
  • Amazing customer service and after-sale care
  • A trusted solar installer by the Melbourne locals

Website: skyenergy.com.au

6. Essential Solar

If you’re very particular with your installer and prefer ones with more than 20 years of experience, Essential Solar is one of the go-tos. In their 20+ years of operations, they’ve installed almost 5000 systems since founding. Essential has built a solid reputation for producing high-quality builds, offering great service, and serious attention to customer service.

You can find their massive catalog of installations on their website. And while you’re there, check out the estimation saving calculator they’ve prepared for window shoppers. PS: It’s great.

Note: The company is owned and managed by the genius electrical engineer and solar guru, David Bruce. [Source]

  • High-standard builds
  • Great attention to detail
  • Amazing customer service and after-sale care
  • More than 20+ years in operation and experience

Website: essentialsolar.com.au

7. Advanced Energy Solutions

Advanced Energy Solutions

A great option if you want to support smaller-scale solar installers. Advance Energy Solutions is a small company based in Ballarat but installs all over Victoria and offers reasonable pricing without compromising the quality of their builds. They manufacture, sell, and install their products, which are formidable as they use the best quality components within the price range.

Advance Energy Solutions shows great attention to its vendor-customer relationships. Plus,  they’re the only company in this collective that offers a money-back guarantee considering its size as a business. This is due to their core policy, stating: 

“If your system stops working any time within the estimated payback period or within 5 years of installation (whichever is shorter) from any fault of their own, we will pay you back the savings you missed out on”. 

All their products are zero compromises, sleek, and pleasing to the eyes—with all wires and conduits hidden.

  • Moneyback guarantee benefit
  • Amazing customer service and after-sale care
  • Brand-signature solar PV builds
  • Sleek and beautiful designs

Website: advancedenergysolutions.com.au

8. Lightning Energy

Lightning Energy

Their HQ is located in Melbourne, but Lightning Energy installs all over the state: SA, QLD, NSW, you name it. Don’t get confused by the name though, they offer solar. For Lightning, it’s a top priority to comply with every building and design regulation to ensure that your build stands the test of time and maintains its CEC license. LE exclusively uses flagship components, maintains good customer relationships, and offers competitive pricing. 

  • High-standard builds
  • Great attention to detail
  • Amazing customer service and after-sale care
  • Competitive service rates

Website: lightning-energy.com.au

9. Melbourne Energy Group

Melbourne Energy Group

Running on their 15+ years of business and generally considered a medium-sized solar company, The Melbourne Energy Group is managed by Toby and Shane. They’re a growing team of passionate builders with a common goal of giving the best builds and customer experience as humanly possible. They offer the skill and versatility acquired from working on residential, industrial, and commercial solar PV units. 

The Melbourne Energy Group can work on small to massive (up to 750kW) hybrid and off-grid systems. All systems built by MEG are of premium components (SunPower, LG panels/Fronius, SolarEdge inverters) matched with a sleek facade from a well-thought-out design blueprint.

  • 15+ years of business and installation experience
  • Great attention to detail
  • Amazing customer service and after-sale care
  • High-end components

Website: melbourneenergygroup.com.au

10. Solar Flow

Solar Flow

If you’re not running on a budget and want to go all out, then Solar Flow is the way to go.

Solar Flow can be classified as a high-end solar PV installer specializing in solar systems for affluent neighborhoods and architectural homes in Melbourne and its suburbs, serving fine craftsmanship and the highest standard of services. 

One thing about Solar Flow is that they don’t rush when installing systems. Besides working on properties with complex roof materials to apply solar PVs, they’re also constantly working with high-profile clients. 

  • High-end products and services
  • Great attention to detail
  • Amazing customer service and after-sale care
  • Other premium benefits

Website: www.solarflow.com.au

Final Thoughts

Be smart when choosing your installer. Be picky. 

There’s an abundance of installers in the market, but not all of them can get the job done exactly how you envision it. Before settling with an installer, analyze your requirements first and try getting different quotations from different builders so you can compare (pricing, payment options, etc) to test for compatibility.

A suitable installer must be able to communicate effectively and understand your visions completely. One that takes pride in their work, cares about the professional relationship, and performs their duty flawlessly.


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